Name of President

Name of Vice President

Name of Secretary/Treasurer

The President calls and presides over all meetings of the general membership and represents the association in its relations with other persons and organizations. The President is a member ex officio of all permanent committees.

Vice President duties

The Treasurer reviews the financial reports for the association and coordinates a yearly audit of the management company. The Treasurer is the final approval of any check requests for funds from committees. The Secretary documents the minutes of all board and general meetings. The Secretary maintains the records of the association membership.



2 to 3 Members

Meets to organize, schedule, prepares and sets up neighborhood get together functions. Prior to scheduling function - report date to Board of Directors to make sure it works in to Directors schedule. Typically functions are held once or twice a year. The mailings of the notice should be coordinated with the mailing of the quarterly bills to the homeowner’s so that it may be included in the billing. Bills are prepared in January, April, July and October.


3 Members

Meets to review maintenance contract. Contract is a two year contract. Prior to renewing/changing contract, bids must be received 2-3 months in advance of the renewal. Committee members should review the contracts and make a recommendation to the Board as to who to award the contract to.

Also committee members should review the site mowing and advise contractor if any areas are missed or need additional attention.


2 to 3 Members

1 contact person to contact and schedule repair of aerators. Occassionally contact person should meet with contrator to review any items that need to be addressed. Typical maintenance is done on aerator’s - replacing seals every two (2) years. Also twice a year the timing on the aerators must be changed to accommodate the season. Typical summer schedule begins in April - 7AM to 7PM. Typical winter schedule begins in October - 10AM to 7PM.


6 Members

3 Members to review fence submittals, swimming pool submittals, etc. One member should receive the plan and schedule a meeting 1x a month to review additions/renovations and submissions. 3 Members to do review of violations within the neighborhood. (Parking on the Street, basketball goals, fences installed without submittal, etc.) One member should be designated as the person who receives and logs the violation call and schedules the site driveby. You may want to alternate the member every six (6) months.


2 to 3 Members

Reviews insurance policy and makes recommendations to the Board. This is an annual duty and involves meeting approximately 1 to 2 months prior to renewing policy. If you wish to take bids, you should shop approximately 4 months in advance of renewing the policy.

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